We've all had that experience where the plans and goals we set seem to be obsolete within minutes of walking out of the conference room.

We all know that today's fast-paced and ever-changing world requires that we adopt strategies and practices that are more dynamic than ever. Without the proper mindsets and skill sets, teams often get stuck in a world of confusion, false starts, and frustration.

If your team would benefit from developing a more innovative and productive approach to creating valuable outcomes, I want to invite you to the PEN Breakfast on Sep 7 where I'll be presenting on the Improviser's Strategy for Creating Value.

It's been a very busy Summer with our great team over at Employee Strategies, Inc. over the last several months facilitating leadership retreats, leading strategic planning sessions, and keynoting with some amazing clients. I don't get to present this work in a public setting very often--so I hope you or someone from your team can join us!

For more information visit PEN's website. Or to register, contact Brian Lassiter at brian.lassiter@performanceexcellencenetwork.org.




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Andy Zimney is a Senior Advisor and Team Performance Coach at Employee Strategies, Inc., a boutique firm that partners with leaders to develop highly effective cultures that drive outstanding results. Contact ESInc to learn more about how they can assess your current culture and design customized and effective development experiences for your team. Or reach out to Andy directly.