We've all had that experience where the plans and goals we set seem to be obsolete within minutes of walking out of the conference room.

We all know that today's fast-paced and ever-changing world requires that we adopt strategies and practices that are more dynamic than ever. Without the proper mindsets and skill sets, teams often get stuck in a world of confusion, false starts, and frustration.

If your team would benefit from developing a more innovative and productive approach to creating valuable outcomes, I want to invite you to the PEN Breakfast on Sep 7 where I'll be presenting on the Improviser's Strategy for Creating Value.

It's been a very busy Summer with our great team over at Employee Strategies, Inc. over the last several months facilitating leadership retreats, leading strategic planning sessions, and keynoting with some amazing clients. I don't get to present this work in a public setting very often--so I hope you or someone from your team can join us!

For more information visit PEN's website. Or to register, contact Brian Lassiter at brian.lassiter@performanceexcellencenetwork.org.




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Andy Zimney is a writer, speaker, and facilitator. You can learn more about Andy and how he can help you and your team at AndyZimney.com.