As you know, I often talk with leaders and teams about creative leadership and the innovative process. Creating meaningful change requires determination, courage, and an ability to recognize a great opportunity when it presents itself.

That’s why I’m excited to write to you today about an exciting opportunity that recently presented itself to me.

A few weeks ago, I accepted an invitation to join forces with the team over at Employee Strategies, Inc. (ESI) and have accepted a position as a full-time consultant with their firm.

J Forrest founded ESI over a decade ago with a vision to help transform workplaces into environments where people can be their best selves and do their best work. I’ve know J for years and am excited that we’ll get to work even more closely together.

ESI’s point of view is very much aligned with the vision of Leading Off the Cuff. It’s a belief that organizations are organisms, not mechanisms. They are driven by human beings trying to create meaningful impact for other human beings.

The team at ESI provides leadership development experiences, retreats, culture assessments and strategic planning to businesses and organizations from a variety of sectors and I couldn’t be happier to join a team of such like-minded consultants, coaches, and facilitators.

In the meantime, the mission of Leading Off the Cuff is not going away. There are a handful of projects I’ve been working on under the LOC banner that I’ll be finishing up over the next few months (many of those with people on this mailing list). I hope to continue to post on the Leading Off the Cuff blog about creativity, productivity, and doing work that matters. You’ll continue to see me at many of the same events as an attendee, presenter, or volunteer.

As always, if there is anything I can do to help support you and your team in doing their very best work—whether it’s developing more impactful leaders; training teams to work more creatively, productively, and collaboratively; or strengthening the culture of your organization, please drop me a line.

I’d be happy to explore how I (and now, the rest of the ESI team) might be able to support you.

This email account will stay active or you can reach me at my new address,

Or call me at 651-253-7515.

Or drop by the ESI office on the 3rd floor of the Calhoun Beach Club building for a great cup of coffee, a beautiful view of the lake, and some meaningful conversation.




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Andy Zimney is a Senior Advisor and Team Performance Coach at Employee Strategies, Inc., a boutique firm that partners with leaders to develop highly effective cultures that drive outstanding results. Contact ESInc to learn more about how they can assess your current culture and design customized and effective development experiences for your team. Or reach out to Andy directly.