Today was incredible. It was the most influential and creative two hours I have ever spent... Andy truly is a master of his craft.
— Session Participant
Andy was very engaging, full of information and anecdotes. Best session of the day!!
— Session Participant
I loved the session. I have received feedback from at least 2 people who stated it was in the top 5% of all training sessions they’ve been in...and another person who said it was easily the best training they’d been in. And we’ve been through many.
— Session Participant
Andy is an engaging and energizing speaker! We had the pleasure of Andy speaking at several sales meetings last year, speaking to several hundred of our team members during a critical time of change. He was able to convey a message of change and engagement by using his experiences in business and improv to challenge our team to think differently... His style helped reinforce our leadership message and really helped to set a tone of engagement and excitement for the meetings.
— VP of Sales, Lifetouch School Studios

Culture matters.

Andy’s unique experience as both a business leader and professional stage performer translates into proven strategies for stepping up your workplace culture in innovative ways that will ring true with everyone in your organization.

Expect Andy to always be fresh and engaging; choose the interactive level that is best suited to your attendees: from crisp, compelling keynote narratives to hands-on workshops that invite participants to bring their own experiences and challenges into the conversation, making real, relevant and personally actionable learning opportunities.

Investing in Andy to connect and motivate your team is the first step in making a memorable, meaningful investment in the promise of your culture.

It’s been an absolute pleasure collaborating with Andy over the past three years to find synergy in the work we share. Andy has been not simply a willing explorer, he brings expert facilitation and works diligently to pull together the threads of your objectives into a structure that supports both learning and effective experiential engagement. Andy always provides critical insights based on the experience of those in the room and their interactions with them. In addition, participants have valued Andy’s humor, energy and overall presence.
You would be wise to look into working with Andy!
— Damon Shoholm, Dir of the Shannon Leadership Institute

Speaking Topics

As a seasoned speaker and improviser, Andy can tailor a presentation to meet your exact needs. Andy has developed presentations for audiences from a wide variety of industries including healthcare, financial services, higher education, manufacturing, and social sector organizations. Let's start a conversation about how Andy can address your needs today.

Custom Presentations

Tap the data and actionable ideas of Employee Strategies’ 12 years of building great cultures with great leaders. Andy will share insider culture stories and strategies to help make more knowledgeable and intelligent strategic investments in your culture. Don’t speculate on your people. Use Andy’s insights to make the right investments in the right people at the right time.


Almost every company these days claims it wants to an innovative culture. But despite all the big talk, ”innovation initiatives,” and task force work--nothing much changes. To lead in today’s world, you don’t need an innovation department, you need an innovative culture. Let Andy walk you through the "4 R's of Innovation and Change." These lessons from both the improv stage and the conference room will help get your team engaged in a true culture of innovation.

Building a Culture of Innovation

All too familiar with flimsy fun and games trying to pass for culture-building activities? Sure they’re cool, but there’s so much more to do in creating a culture that has deep meaning and purpose, a culture that lasts beyond the next ping pong tournament, or a culture where executives merely delegate transformation to others. Yes, all cultures are different, but at the heart of any thriving culture is its Purpose. Let Andy show you how to put a mean top-spin on yours!

More ping pong than purpose

What are the sweetest parts of a culture that appeal to top talent? What about future millennial leaders, what do they crave? How can you build a sticky culture in a global, anywhere/anytime gig economy? These and many more progressive, integrated ideas to engage, retain and excite everyone involved in the tech-automated, future of work. Let Andy take you there now.

Cultural Candy that Attracts Top Talent

Past results don’t have to be an indication of future performance. Let Andy demonstrate how to break down, analyze and select the most impactful aspects of your culture that will help your team get unstuck and break through with your newly empowered culture. Using the insights of the Team LeaderView™ Diagnostic, Andy will help you get a clear and holisitc picture of your team's current performance from both a systems and organizaitonal health perspective and reveal practical next steps that will get your team working at it's highest potential.

Hallmarks of High-Performing Teams

The research is clear, one the greatest predictors of leader effectivness is self-awarenss. According to a recent Korn Ferry study, companies with a self-aware culture have a higher rate of return.  Building great teams and great cultures start with understanding the people inside them. Andy will leverage the wisdom of self-awareness including insights from the Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, and DiSC, to help you build incredible results from incredible individuals through self-awareness.

A Culture of self-awareness

Nothing draws us in more than a great story. Great companies understand that how they tell their story is at the heart of their culture and the key to engaging both employees and customers. It’s about getting out of the audience and into the author’s seat. It’s about creating your future. It’s about owning your story. Andy will help you author your success story.




Let's talk about tailoring a presentation for your audience and event!

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