Andy Zimney

Andy Zimney is a keynote speaker, writer, certified team-performance coach, facilitator and strategist at Employee Strategies, Inc.

Andy is a former COO and business owner with 20 years of experience managing teams, developing strategies, and leading execution. Andy is also a professional stage improviser who can be seen performing at Comedy Sportz Twin Cities and HUGE Theater in Minneapolis.

Andy has led learning seminars and retreats for businesses, non-profit organizations, and leadership institutes across the country.

Using his varied experience, Andy helps teams across of variety of industries get unstuck and move things forward. Whether he is facilitating a strategic planning process, leading a professional development seminar, or consulting with a company that wishes to increase employee engagement, Andy has found that almost every client wrestles with the same essential question: "How do we get from where we are now to where we want to be tomorrow?"

Andy and the other consultants at ESInc. work as guides to help move teams to the next level of performance while creating great places to work.

Andy is a certified Myers-Briggs practitioner and a certified team performance coach. 


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