For every Action you might take to make Change there is a countervailing force: Nothing.

Nothing has a lot going for it:

Nothing is predictable. (There’s a good chance you’ll get more of what you’ve had.)

Nothing is easy. (It requires very little effort to do nothing.)

Nothing avoids attention. (A great quality if you’d rather nobody notice what you’re doing.)

Just don’t make the mistake of assuming that Nothing is free. (We’ve all spent plenty of time, money, and opportunity on Nothing.)

And be careful of confusing it with safety. (Afterall, more of what you’ve already got might be as big a risk as Anything.)

And especially, don’t fall into the trap of believing that choosing Nothing is somehow different from making a choice. Nothing is as much a choice as Anything else.



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Andy Zimney is a Senior Advisor and Team Performance Coach at Employee Strategies, Inc., a boutique firm that partners with leaders to develop highly effective cultures that drive outstanding results. Contact ESInc to learn more about how they can assess your current culture and design customized and effective development experiences for your team. Or reach out to Andy directly.