A lot is made of the difference between “a mindset of scarcity” versus “a mindset of abundance”.

And there is a real and meaningful difference to be noted.

Focussing on assets and believing there is always enough is infinitely more powerful and effective than succumbing to the notion that possibility is always limited by our deficits—our lack of time, money, energy, resources, information, skill, etc.

Abundance is an offensive and goal-oriented position; scarcity is defensive and aims to make sure we preserve what is--don’t rock the boat.

But taking on an abundance mindset is only half of the solution when it comes to moving things forward and making the sort of impact we want.

Having enough is not the same as having everything.

I know with absolute certainty that we have what we need to do whatever is most important in any given situation.

And I know with equal certainty that we can not do everything.

In fact, the only way to do what is most important is to identify that which is not as important.




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Andy Zimney is a Senior Advisor and Team Performance Coach at Employee Strategies, Inc., a boutique firm that partners with leaders to develop highly effective cultures that drive outstanding results. Contact ESInc to learn more about how they can assess your current culture and design customized and effective development experiences for your team. Or reach out to Andy directly.