The ultimate question in the history of humanity.

It's not, “Is there such a thing as an absolute moral right and wrong?”, or “Is there a god?”, or even, “What’s the meaning of life?”

THE question of all time is, 

“What should I do today?”

All the other big questions we ask only so that we can better respond to this daily inquiry: “What should I do today?”

It’s a question we all answer—intentionally or not—every day with every decision we make. The answer is comprised of that which we award our time, energy, and attention.  

Our lives are improvised stories, written one chapter at a time, day by day. To lead the lives we are meant to—full and creative lives—we need to be fully present with this ordinary and significant question. 

What story do you want to live?  Who do you want to be? What do you want to make? After you’ve answered those questions, then ask THE question: 

What should I do today?


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